Massage Therapy & Bodywork
I offer body-positive massage therapy services that integrate Neuromuscular Therapy (deep tissue), Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Thai Massage, Reflexology, and Swedish Massage techniques. I curate each session to meet the needs and goals of each client, which may include addressing specific areas of pain or range of motion issues, achieving a state of deep relaxation, or the management of chronic conditions. I am affirming and inclusive of clients of various ages, cultures, disabilities, gender identities and expressions, races, sexualities, and sizes, and I am LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and fat friendly.

I am a practitioner at the Wellness Massage Center and Institute in St. Albans, VT and am currently taking new clients at a limited time introductory rate of $55 for a 60-min session and $75 for a 90-min session. You can book an appointment online at or you can email me at

Inclusive Leadership Coaching
An Inclusive Leadership Coach is someone who supports you in developing your strengths to lead and manage teams from a framework of equity, justice, and belonging. In my coaching practice, I utilize a co-developed framework of inclusive leadership* to help clients build their inclusive leadership competencies, identify areas of growth for themselves and their teams, design and implement inclusive practices, and to support them in reaching their personal and professional goals. Areas of focus for clients may include things like: supervision of staff with different identities; imposter syndrome and finding one’s voice as a leader; adopting bias response processes; and, navigating a politically charged work environment.

I am currently taking on new coaching clients. To set up a free discovery call, email me directly at

Embodiment Coaching
An Embodiment Coach is someone who supports you in building affirming and healing connections with your body, creating ways of living more consciously and consistently in your body, embracing the present moment, setting intentions and goals from this embodied space, strengthening the mind-body-soul connection, and listening to and following the wisdom of your body. In my coaching practice, I draw on an assemblage of knowledge, skills, and experience that include meditation, motivational interviewing, trauma-informed advising, yoga, body-positivity, anti-racism and critical race theory, neuroscience, healthcare advocacy, and trans and non-binary identity development to meet my clients where they are at and to support them in reaching their goals.

I am currently taking on new coaching clients. To set up a free discovery call, email me directly at

*The inclusive leadership framework was co-developed and is used by Batista Consulting Services, LLC, Embodied Values, LLC, and Vega Consulting Edu, LLC.

Related Certificates, Experiences, and Skill Sets

  • 200-hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Certification (CYT-200), Breathe for Change, May 2022.
  • 750-hour Massage Certificate (Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue/ Neuromuscular Therapy, Reiki I, Cupping, Thai Massage, Shiatsu, and Reflexology), Wellness Massage Center and Institute, November 2021.
  • Structural Integration (Rolfing) Apprenticeship, Bodywork Architectures, Fall 2020.
  • Motivational Interviewing, 2016.
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